motorized ball valve Manual override instructions

In case of motorized valve electric supply failure.
It is possible to operate actuator manually:
1.Power must in off position when start the manual override.
2.Gently put up the knob about 3mm, then revolve the knob around left and right to control the vavle open or close.
3.When the red needle in the indicator pointing to S, means the valve is close, when pointing to O, means the valve is open.
4.After finish the manual override operation, must press down the knob, so that for the normal electric operation.
motorized ball valve Manual override instructions
1)The manual function can only use in the power failure situation.
2)Rotating the hand wheel left and right with small angle, and pulling up the hand wheel about 3mm until the valve arriving.
3)The red line on the window pointer to indicte S, the valve is closed, indicating O, the valve is open.
4)Pressing down the hand wheel when no need of the manual operation, so the normal electric power can work.

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