How to set the timer control valve

Setting method
1)long time press (set) button (about 5s),  to enter setting state
2)short time press (set) button (about 1s), to choose the set open time, or close time
if you choose set open time like below pic, press ,set the time 00:60:00 (this is 60 minuts, 1hour) ,this button is change the digital

3)then set the close time, short time press set button, that means exit open time set, short press set button again, when the actuator show:

press set the time 47:00:00 (this is 47hour)

Note:the actuator time display infact have 00:00:00, we can only see 00:00, the another 00 Hidden in the back , we need press to see it.

Now, we have finish the time set , the valve begin to open and close with your set, and repeat it.

Tonhe is timer control valve manufacuter in china, this kind timer control valve is 99 hours, we can set open valve time:0-99:99:99, close valve time:0-99:99:99 for example, set valve open 10s, close 12 hours, the valve will open10s, close 12 hours, then repeat it.

this valve can with normally closed fountion (when the power off, the valve will close itself), also can with memery fountion (when the power off, the next time power on, the valve will remember the last time vavle's action, and continue it. ), in your choose, if you need it.

How set 99hours timer control valve

timer control valve How set 99hours timer control valve word format

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