Principal and application of Motorized ball valve

Date:2020-04-17        Clicks:934

A. structure and principal

Motorized ball valve is mainly combined with electric actuator and valve body.It is evolved from cocks and its ball in the body acts as an open-close part.By motor driving and rotating 90 degrees of the ball and through axis of through hole, prevents the medium flow and changes the flow direction.Distributes and changes medium flow direction primarily to cut or connect medium as well as to adjust and control the fluid control.

B. Design advantages of Tonhe Motorized ball valve

1. Full metal gear design, big output torque, high output adjustment precision guaranteed.

2. small and compact structure, true meaning of micro electric valve.

3. good sealing performance,IP67 protection; seat is made of elastic material like PTFE and others, easy to ensure the sealing and the sealing force will increase with medium pressure’s increase.

C. Application of Tonhe’s Electric ball valve

1.Water purifying plant, environmental-friendly and water-saving equipment, air conditioning automatic humidifies, automatic drainage equipment,colleges and universities water-saving appliances.

2. Industrial automatic control equipment,water automatic and discharges air pump storage cylinder, automatic watering, etc, replacing the occasions of unstable solenoid valve.