Advantage of Motorized ball valve

Date:2020-04-21        Clicks:700

With the increasing of the World technology, now many products are having the trend of automation. Motorized ball valve can be seen as a symbol of valve automation,to achieve intelligent fluid control by various of sensors. Electric ball valve is one of the most developed valves for recent decades, especially in the industrially advanced countries like America,Japan, Germany,France,Italy,Spain,British and etc.The application range of electric ball valve is very huge,as well as the variety and quantity keeping expanding. Its reliability and other performances reach to a higher level, now partly replaced gate valve,globe valve and throttle valve.

Comparing with other valves, motorized ball valve has below advantages:

Motorized ball valve can also be called micro electric ball valve,chiefly because of its small size,small installation size,light weight,less material consumption and easy to operate. It is also not easily deformed by pressure and affected by pipe stresses and bolts since its ball valves are integral body.

The gear box design of inner actuator is in brass and stainless steel, ensuring the big output torque and high precision of adjusting and controlling.

Low running current, powered by batteries,fast and easy to turn on or off, only to rotate valve rod in 90°,it can rapidly achieve quick fulling opening and fully closing.

Good sealing performance: the ball valve seat is made of PTFE (PTFE has the characteristic of anti-acid,anti-alkali,anti-various organic solvents,almost insoluble in all solvents. At the same time, PTFE also resistant high temperature,its friction coefficient is very low,so it can be both used as lubrication and an ideal coating for easy-to-clean work and water tube lining.) As well the sealing force will be increased via increasing of medium pressure.