Innovation drives developement, patent wins future

Date:2021-05-24        Clicks:78

Tonhe “a valve with timing temperature automatic control function” is authorized by the national intellectual property rights utility model patent.

This utility model discloses a valve with timing temperature automatic control function, belong to the technical field of valve control.The valve of the utility model comprises a valve body, a controller,a temperature sensor,a motion driving circuit,a motion actuator,an input voltage monitoring circuit,a clock circuit and a power supply. Timing temperature control module according to the temperature sensor and clock cirucuit measurement signal control motion actuator action to make the valve body timing work,the controller according to the input voltage monitoring circuit output control motion drive circuit work. The valve can automatically adjust the temperature on time and improve the automation and intelligence of valve control. At the same time, the inpurt voltage monitoring circuit is set to monitor the power supply voltage in real time. When the input voltage exceeds the set range,the operation is stopped to prevent the voltage from being too high to damage the circuit or too low to affect the operation of the motor, and effectively protect the valve circuit and the motor.

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