How many you know about stainless steel valves

Date:2021-04-30        Clicks:113

Valves in different environments are used in different needs, so valves are also divided into many different types, stainless steel valve is one of them. It is anti-corrosion,tough and weldable as well as many other characterisitcs.

Valves using stainless steel are sturdy, durable and not easy to rust,at the meanwhile stainless steel valves are low in price and popular with the public.Thereupon stainless steel valve becomes the representative of high quality valves relying on its several advantages. 

Therefore what are the advantages of stainless steel valve?

A. Small flow resistance, its resistance coefficient is equal to the length of pipe section.

B.Simple structure, small shape and light.

C.Tight and reliable, sealing material is generally PTFE,also called soft seal. Property of soft seal is easy to ensure and better.

D.Fast open and close, easy to run only need to rotate 90 degree from full close to full open.

E.Convinient maintain,the structure of ball valve is very simple, and sealing material parts are apartable,it will reduce unnecessary maintance cost and solve fault in time, so that replacement is also easy.

F.Wide application ranges, port size ranges from minimum a few millimeters to maximal a few meters, low and high pressures are all suitable.

G.Long servise time. Many customers will ask about the using time of the equipment when they are preparing to buy products,if servise time of an equipment is short, it will not only brings maintance pressure of an enterprise,but also increase enterprise cost and lower working efficiency.

However, stainless steel ball valve servise time is very long,in details, it adopts a special material coupled with the reasonable structure design, making the valve performed good.

Above are some merits for reference, when buying a stainless steel motorized ball valve choose a suitable one which suitable for the equipment and environment, and please must choose a products produced by formal enterprises.

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