Spring outing Activity

Date:2020-04-28        Clicks:606

April is a best time for spring outing,wind is warm in this time and flowers bloom luxuriantly, after COVID-19 becoming better,we organized a BBQ activity in 26th April, for one side to good breath fresh air and relax among mountains and trees, for other side to facilitate communication between offices,enhance friendship and enrich our spare time.


In the early morning, we arrived to the destination --Lanmei Manor.

After a short break,all of the staffs started to prepare food material together for BBQ. During the BBQ time, we showed different cook and roast skills, together with the happy laughter and cheering voices surrounded with the rising smoke, we ate taste food made by ourselves, small talk the interesting things happened in life and work, all of us had a relaxing time.


Even though it is a hot day, we still enjoyed a various and experienced attractions and entertainment facilities in Lanmei Manor. Through this activity,we not only enjoyed ourselves but also improved the staffs relationship and showed team spirit of friendship and mutual help. We believe in the future days, we will devote more enthusiasm to our work.

In the hopeful spring, we will be full of passion and sail forward together with Tonhe Flow Control Co.,Ltd.