A20-W Water Leak Electric Shutoff Detector Sensor Alarm System With Motorized Valve

1.Product name: Water Leak system with 1-1/4" motorized valve
2. Voltage: DC3V
3. Product Size: 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"' 3/4'' 1" 1 1/4" NPT/BSP
4. Working current: ≤500mA
5. Circulation Medium: Fluid, Air
6. Valve Body Material: Brass
7. Life Time: 70000 times

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Product Parameter

Valve Size1/4- 1

Valve MaterialBrass

Open/Closed Time7S

Maximum Working Pressure1.0Mpa

Product Characteristic:


   Small and beautiful shape to install easily.

   Using waterproof quick connection,disassemble easily.


   Brass sensors with high sensitivity,rapid detection and closed valves in time.


   Fully sealed and moisture-proof design,improve the product’s life.

 Control panel is easy to operate with indicator icon and manual button.

 Metal gears improve the quality of motorized valves.

 Battery supply,auto alarm when power is lower.

   The controller detects the slightest water leakage, turn off the water main and alerts. With the controller

 you get a security both at home and outside.

 Functions and Features

* Valves close automatically when leakage, and alarm.

* Power Supply with 12v power adapter

* Automatically alarm when power is lower, and valve close eight hours later

* Controller panel has three keys ( power key, valve on key , valve off key ) and three indicator lights ( power

 indicator, on - off indicator)

* Easy to install.

* Suitable for water purifiers, protective faucet, washing machine, filter or water softener and other equipment as

 leakage protection.

* Sensing controller is fully sealed, moisture-proof design, improve the life of battery and stability of the product .

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A20-W Water Leak Electric Shutoff Detector Sensor Alarm System With Motorized Valve

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